Is he gay?

As writtwn in the previous posts, there is this weird uncle in my office. And after going through what I went through, it really got me thinking…”is he gay?”

I’m not against gay, nor am I a gay. But please don’t try to be gay with me. 

He is a dad with children, he shouldn’t be gay right? 

That’s what went through my mind…and them this happened near me:

This really freaked me out, because after this news was out, the weird uncle in my office started staring at me frequently. It isn’t a death stare that he is giving me, but just looking at me without blinking while smirking. Frankly, I’d be more at ease if it was a death stare….nope…I take that back. 

But, seriously, I am terrified. When I ask him “what’s up?” And “what is wrong?”, he just laughed and not say anything. 

OMG…what is wrong with him? He stare when I walk out from office, and when I walk in to office. He stare when I went to buy lunch and when I’m bringing lunch back to the table. 

Is he gay? Am I in trouble? Should I change my job? Oh my…is he gay?


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