I’m Confused

Me and my wife bought a house, and we are moving in around August. Because we are shifting much further away from my work place, I was thinking to buy a car. So I came up with a 5 year financial plan to make sure we are able to afford it and not go bankrupt. 

I have been studying all the loans that we are getting – mortgage loan, renovation loan, mother-in-law loan (don’t judge me! My own dad was not willing to loan me anything for the downpayment even though he has a few properties in the neighbouring country!), and finally car loan. 

I have been studying, and calculating, and studying, and calculating, for about a month now and have ensured that we can afford a 2nd hand car. But everytime I brought this up for discussion, she would say she wants a car, but don’t want us to buy it so soon. Even after showing her the financial accounts, she still insists that we should only consider to get a car after we have shifted to the new house and settle each and every thing. OK, I gave in after a few discussion and never brought that up again. I can live without a car and it’s just not worth arguing over this issue.

But the thing that gets on my nerve is, every time she sees a nice car, she would say “Ooo…we should get this kind of car”. Or when she take uber/grab to office, she would say this car is good that car is comfy. Then, she will sendme articles of cars and all the promotions that are going on. Every time she brought it up, naturally I would tell her that we could afford it and could go and have a look at cars. After a few times, she got tensed up and annoyed.

Why bring it up when you are not planning to get it? I mean, why do you keep tempting me and then turning me off? The feeling I got is similar to the times when you touch me intimately, but then you are not in the mood for sex. No no…I don’t force sex on you, but it’s just the vibe you are giving. When I touch you the same way you did, you would hit me and say not in the mood for sex. Why can you sense that it’s sex when I touch you, and not when you touch me? Why did this topic even turn into a sex topic? OMG…I’m so confused!!!


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