Hidden Unhappiness 

Today, I had an argument with my wife. We just bought a house and I wanted to buy a file to properly file all the document, but my wife insisted that I search the store room to find an old file, which might not even be there. 

My thinking was that the amount of time spent to search the store room for something that cost below $10 is just not worth it. I have brought this up a few times but my wife still thinks that it’s a waste to buy a new one. 

My wife’s thinking was that there are old files that can be used, and a new one will be a waste. 

Finally, today as we were about to go out to shop for some groceries, I brought it up again and said that we should by it on the way. Naturally, my wife insisted again. So, I went straight to the store room to dig out box by box, and finally managed to get the document box out. 

(We sorted things that are seldom used in different boxe’s and kept them in the store room, and because the document box are mainly books and notes, it is the heaviest box and is the most untouched box, so it was way back and under in the store room.)

I roughly checked the box and did not see any proper files, so I decided to bring the box out to the hall, where she was sitting on the sofa, to show my wife. As I was carrying the box out, feeling fustrated and tired, I did a bad move: I glared at my wife.

Instantly, her face changed…

I just glared for a moment, which in my mind I’m saying “I told you so. Why can’t you just let me buy a new one?”. I didn’t say it out of course, I just opened up the box and showed her. But it was just a blink of an eye too late.

From then on, it was history: I was wrong on every level in every way and only I had to say sorry, many times. 

Well, one thing’s for sure, I thank God for her in my life and I love u much. Hope the storms will never put me down, and never make me forget those beautiful sunny days.


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