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Is he gay?

As writtwn in the previous posts, there is this weird uncle in my office. And after going through what I went through, it really got me thinking…”is he gay?”

I’m not against gay, nor am I a gay. But please don’t try to be gay with me. 

He is a dad with children, he shouldn’t be gay right? 

That’s what went through my mind…and them this happened near me:


This really freaked me out, because after this news was out, the weird uncle in my office started staring at me frequently. It isn’t a death stare that he is giving me, but just looking at me without blinking while smirking. Frankly, I’d be more at ease if it was a death stare….nope…I take that back. 

But, seriously, I am terrified. When I ask him “what’s up?” And “what is wrong?”, he just laughed and not say anything. 

OMG…what is wrong with him? He stare when I walk out from office, and when I walk in to office. He stare when I went to buy lunch and when I’m bringing lunch back to the table. 

Is he gay? Am I in trouble? Should I change my job? Oh my…is he gay?

I’m Confused

Me and my wife bought a house, and we are moving in around August. Because we are shifting much further away from my work place, I was thinking to buy a car. So I came up with a 5 year financial plan to make sure we are able to afford it and not go bankrupt. 

I have been studying all the loans that we are getting – mortgage loan, renovation loan, mother-in-law loan (don’t judge me! My own dad was not willing to loan me anything for the downpayment even though he has a few properties in the neighbouring country!), and finally car loan. 

I have been studying, and calculating, and studying, and calculating, for about a month now and have ensured that we can afford a 2nd hand car. But everytime I brought this up for discussion, she would say she wants a car, but don’t want us to buy it so soon. Even after showing her the financial accounts, she still insists that we should only consider to get a car after we have shifted to the new house and settle each and every thing. OK, I gave in after a few discussion and never brought that up again. I can live without a car and it’s just not worth arguing over this issue.

But the thing that gets on my nerve is, every time she sees a nice car, she would say “Ooo…we should get this kind of car”. Or when she take uber/grab to office, she would say this car is good that car is comfy. Then, she will sendme articles of cars and all the promotions that are going on. Every time she brought it up, naturally I would tell her that we could afford it and could go and have a look at cars. After a few times, she got tensed up and annoyed.

Why bring it up when you are not planning to get it? I mean, why do you keep tempting me and then turning me off? The feeling I got is similar to the times when you touch me intimately, but then you are not in the mood for sex. No no…I don’t force sex on you, but it’s just the vibe you are giving. When I touch you the same way you did, you would hit me and say not in the mood for sex. Why can you sense that it’s sex when I touch you, and not when you touch me? Why did this topic even turn into a sex topic? OMG…I’m so confused!!!


My boss hired a weirdo. I don’t mean his looks, or his attitude, or his personality…those are normal most of the times. But then, there are times when he does things that are just out of my expectations – and it is damn irritating.

Let me start with the background of my company. Basically, it is a very small company and 1 person might have a few job roles. Then, 3 months ago, my boss decided to hire this guy: A mechanical designer who was a manager for a short while in a big company, retrenched, and was unemployed for almost 6 months, and bought a brand new car halfway through his unemployment.

Anyway, for the first month, he was following me to the gents… I mean… wtf man… that’s just weird. It might be a coincidence for the first few times, but one whole month? I had to act like I’m going to the gents, and when I noticed him getting up and about to follow me, I would rush to a toilet on another floor before he noticed me. After a week or so, he stopped following me to the gents.

Then, maybe because his ‘following me to toilet’ thing failed, he started to come to my table and stare at what I’m doing at random times in a day. He would just stand and stare at my pc screen for 5 minutes. After a few days of this, I just casually ask if there is anything that I can help him with, or anything that is bothering him. Then he started bragging of all the software development platform that he has learnt before, and all his ex-colleagues that are professional software developers that could build a PC and more from basic electronic components. And yes, I have confirmed with him, basic components are not hard-disk or RAM or mother board, he meant resistors and capacitors. Wow…just wow…I was literally speachless and just went back to what I was doing. From that encounter onwards, I stopped talking to him, not because I hate or dislike him. I just want to avoid that awkwardness. Well, after 2 weeks or so, he stopped coming to look at what I’m doing. 

For a moment, I though I was in the clear, but week after week, I slowly noticed something else – he would wear the same colour shirt as me.

Just to clarify, I am not a robot, it just happens that every time I wash and fold my clothes on the weekend, the red shirt normally ends up at the top of the pile and the blue either the 2nd or 3rd. So normally, red would end up being my Monday shirt.

I purposely made sure that red was the colour I wore on Mondays for 3 more weeks, just to prove that I am just paranoid. But…OMG…he really wore red every Monday. Naturally, I made sure I switch up all my shirt and made sure red wasn’t on the top ever weekend. After 2 or 3 Mondays, he stopped wearing red on Mondays as well. 

WTF is wrong with him? WTF is happening? Arrgghhh…I just couldn’t wrap my mind around this. What’s next? Will he do something more drastic? Oh shit…Please…No…

Battle of the Hairs

Hair oh hair, why art thou so long.

I just cut you down 3 months ago, but you came back stronger time after time.

I know, one day, I’ll be asking “where hast thou gone?”.

But for now, could you stay low and relieve me of these battles? Hiring a hair mogul is costly.

Worst still, sitting upright and keeping my head straight for more than 10 minutes without falling a sleep is extremely difficult and tiring.

Monday Blues Or Black Monday?

Damn these Monday blues…Was just writing a user manual for one of my projects, and suddenly my PC showed me the “blue screen of death”.

W…T…F… you were just running a Microsoft Word, and you died? I would feel much better if you died when you are running something that requires more of you, like a designing software or Dota2 or something. Sigh…there goes my day of work.

Hidden Unhappiness 

Today, I had an argument with my wife. We just bought a house and I wanted to buy a file to properly file all the document, but my wife insisted that I search the store room to find an old file, which might not even be there. 

My thinking was that the amount of time spent to search the store room for something that cost below $10 is just not worth it. I have brought this up a few times but my wife still thinks that it’s a waste to buy a new one. 

My wife’s thinking was that there are old files that can be used, and a new one will be a waste. 

Finally, today as we were about to go out to shop for some groceries, I brought it up again and said that we should by it on the way. Naturally, my wife insisted again. So, I went straight to the store room to dig out box by box, and finally managed to get the document box out. 

(We sorted things that are seldom used in different boxe’s and kept them in the store room, and because the document box are mainly books and notes, it is the heaviest box and is the most untouched box, so it was way back and under in the store room.)

I roughly checked the box and did not see any proper files, so I decided to bring the box out to the hall, where she was sitting on the sofa, to show my wife. As I was carrying the box out, feeling fustrated and tired, I did a bad move: I glared at my wife.

Instantly, her face changed…

I just glared for a moment, which in my mind I’m saying “I told you so. Why can’t you just let me buy a new one?”. I didn’t say it out of course, I just opened up the box and showed her. But it was just a blink of an eye too late.

From then on, it was history: I was wrong on every level in every way and only I had to say sorry, many times. 

Well, one thing’s for sure, I thank God for her in my life and I love u much. Hope the storms will never put me down, and never make me forget those beautiful sunny days.